Write For Your Life – a book for Beth upon her retirement

Write For Your Life Photo Album

Click on the link  ↑  (up there)  to view this slide show with pictures and text by the Write For Your Life group.

A window will ask if you want to save the file or to use powerpoint to view the file. Choose view with powerpoint. It should run even if you don’t have powerpoint on your computer. Saving it will work also but you’ll have to find it someplace and I don’t know where your computer likes to hide things.

Its a big file and takes a long time to download. 5 minutes at least. 75 pages.

If you have trouble viewing this slide show send me an email and we can work something out.

If the download works and the slideshow starts (keep your fingers crossed) you click your mouse to turn the pages. There is an almost invisible set of arrows at the bottom left corner that will allow you to go back if you missed something. When you are done hit your Esc key to close powerpoint.