Otter in Pleasant Hill

I was on a bridge over a small creek in Pleasant Hill almost underneath Highway 680 at Chilpancingo Blvd. The light ahead was red and I caught, out of the corner of my eye, a swirling movement in the creek. I looked more carefully but the light changed and I started to go but thought, “Anything that large in a ditch in this neighborhood has got to be interesting.” So I pulled into a gas station, dragged my camera out of my purse and this is what I saw;otter_020 otter_012 otter_018

7 thoughts on “Otter in Pleasant Hill

    • Yes, It happened a while ago and i created this post, but I guess I forgot to publish it. I found it in my drafts folder. I might have even published another draft. I thought seeing this critter was worth a second run. kit

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