Inside, today


My Shirt


Holding It Together


Running Away From Home


Time Stopped, Cat Leaving


Racines Adventives, Atlas


Tortoise With Head Held back


Ginger in A Bowl

After Reading, “Miracle Fair” but Wislawa Szymborska

This year I like poems that are lists.

Yesterday I was bored so I took a bunch of pictures of things in my house. This shirt for one. It was one of Charlie’s. He was very hard to buy presents for so I resorted to T-shirts from places we visited. This is a nice rayon shirt with batik fish. It is not a quiet shirt.

I have been setting the camera on the kitchen counter and taking pictures of what is there with a little staging. It changes every day.

Yesterday there was a peach that I had cut in half. The shot from above wasn’t satisfying so I leaned it against a bowl so the beautiful orange and red flesh glowed in the middle. There is a bowl of dark plums behind it and in the distance my tea kettle and coffee grinder. The cabinet roof looms over everything looking very industrial. And a corner of the spice rack shows in the top left. Out of focus. Deleted. Not all the pictures made the cut.

An aerial shot of a small drawer full of paper clips and binder clips and a round container and some white wire bag ties and some string.

A picture of a picture with a little tray of gravel and a salt and pepper shaker set that is a blue car pulling a white trailer. I made that up to look like the car and trailer were going through the scene of the picture. It didn’t work very well. There are also S&P shakers in the form of cactus.

My cat Ginger through the bars of the chair-back. She is sitting in a large bowl that used to be on the table with my sun hats. I couldn’t keep her off the table as long as the bowl was asking her to fill it. Now the bowl is on the chair with a towel in it. Bert, the other cat is sleeping on another piece of furniture that has been surrendered to the cats. He has to be near a window. He is a window addict like I am a solitaire addict. He watches things move out there. I wish he wouldn’t kill them if I gave him the chance.

The water stains in my dining room ceiling. I am taking pictures of them periodically to diagnose what is causing them. It could be rain, it could also be the bathtub is leaking.

My going away  clock from when I ‘retired’ from BBI, the construction firm where I worked for many years. It’s in a brass  and glass box and the battery wore out years ago. There is a wooden cat climbing down off of it.

All my shopping bags that are in temporary retirement because of the plague. And two melons that Karen, my part-time roommate bought at TJ’s on Saturday.

An extension cord laying helplessly on a mahogany dresser in the dining room.

A face mask laying on the table. It made me laugh because it looks like a pure white tortoise with its head and feet pulled in.

My bookcase with lamp and pictures. It’s a pretty alcove of warmth in the living room.

5 thoughts on “Inside, today

  1. I like them. Especially the cat clock, holding it together and the Tortoise. Your sense of humor is wonderful. I am trying to make plans to be in California in September. Are you still interested in doing something together? My timing is flexible. When works best for you? Jan Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Kit HewittSent: Monday, July 13, 2020 10:04 PMTo: jandooley@hotmail.comSubject: [New post] Inside, today kithewitt posted: " Tortoise With Head Held back After Reading, "Miracle Fair" but Wislawa Szymborska This year I like poems that are lists. Yesterday I was bored so I took a bunch of pictures of things in my house. This shirt for one. It was one of Charlie’"

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