3 thoughts on “Kit’s 2020 Newsletter

  1. Kit,

    This morning around 3:45am I woke up as I’ve been doing routinely (used to be a noisy rat shaking up my dreams down in the basement below me) and tried my best to get back to something called sleep. After a usual hour of tossing, I decided to check out my emails and came to your 2020 Newsletter. Once downloaded I read each entry slowly. I was outta my head and into your life, and by the time I finished, I was relaxed and ready to find some zzz’s. Your photos and commentary were so comforting—just seeing what you had to endure last year: reading about what brought you joy, what brought you pause and what sadness you faced. All your experiences I felt, and that was so heartwarming.

    What do I remember now from that reading

    Photos of Charlie: First sadness seeing the sick gaunt Charlie who was so much like Ron when he passed away 4 months before him and then, joy at seeing the healthy Charlie and how happy he was on your canoeing adventures.

    Photos of the Bay Area, especially the Bay, a wonderful view at so many times of the day and night.

    Photos of your kitties and your neighborhood walks.

    And a wonderful photo of you: First “what people thought you would be doing buried under covers”, and Then the “reality”. That was me: not curled up in fetal position but repainting Ron’s bathroom to keep me from not breaking down, trying throughout the pandemic to stay above water while I figure out this alone life.

    So thank you, thank you. I feel inspired to do my own year rundown and that’s so good!!

    Oh, btw. I read a poem first thing every morning out lout to my dog, Good Guy. You were the one who suggested I read a poem every day. As part of that I’m taking another online poetry class starting April 2nd and every Friday for 6 weeks from Ellen Bass. Check it out on her Website. She’s wonderful.

    Let’s keep in touch. I think I’ll be sleeping better tonight—although who knows, right? Stay safe, my friend… Nancy


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